Baby Naming

baby naming ceremony

Celebrating and welcoming your child into your family is a momentous occasion, which is why I am honoured to play a part in delivering your baby naming ceremony.

The celebration of the start of life is an occasion to share with family and friends, and the perfect way to welcome your birth or adopted child into your family, whilst acknowledging the importance of Godparents/protectors/guardians, relatives and friends.

In a non-religious ceremony, covering the Scottish Borders Carlisle, Edinburgh, Newcastle and surrounding areas, you can appoint guardians or protectors for your child, who’s role is similar as that of Godparents.

In a highly personal baby naming ceremony, I steer the focus on your child/children, together with your family values, beliefs and wishes.

Guardians/protectors and parents may make promises and vows to the child/ren during the celebration of the start of life. The ceremony can also include readings, poems and music, and mini ceremonies such as the Unity Candle.