Memorials/Celebration of Life

Losing a loved one is hard, but celebrating their life is a fantastic way to give thanks to the person you loved and the person you lost.

Whether it is an anniversary, an extended way to say goodbye following a funeral, or simply a celebration of a life well-lived with family and friends, I can help to deliver a memorial and/or celebration of life to your exacting requirements.

Held at a location that truly represents your loved one, I can tailor every memorial/celebration of life to capture the very essence of the person you lost. From beaches to picturesque woodland, burial grounds, and cemeteries, wherever you would like to remember and celebrate a life lost, my services will reflect your needs.

I deliver wonderfully tailored memorials and/or celebrations of life throughout the Scottish Borders, North Northumberland and surrounding areas, filled with shared stories from family and friends that will almost certainly make you laugh, cry and fill your heart with love.