Your dream wedding day is precious, personal, and unique to you, which is why it is essential to ensure that every detail reflects what makes you happy.

It is my honour to tell and share your story, the one that shares how two individuals fell in love, in the way you choose.

The beauty in selecting your Celebrant is you are in control of your day. From traditional to bespoke to your desires.

With Surrounded By Love, you could include mini ceremonies such as handfasting, the loving cup, the oath stones to name but a few.

It is my role to listen to your hopes and dreams, what makes you happy, and what will make your day the best day you’ll ever experience.

Your wedding day is your chance to relay your love story to your family and friends, and, most importantly, to affirm your love for each other in whatever way you choose. 

A Celebrant, like myself, can offer you a customised ceremony for you from the beginning to the end.

Mini ceremonies explained:

  • Handfasting – otherwise known as “tying the knot” represents the spiritual and symbolic uniting of 2 people joining together their journey of life. 
  • Oath stones – a Scottish tradition whereby the couple place their hands upon the stone while saying their vows, hence each making their own oath to their loved one
  • Unity candles – the lighting of one candle from two single candles representing the 2 families uniting and coming together
  • Sand ceremony – the mixing of coloured sand representing the binding of love – once declared it can never be divided again
  • The quaich – an ancient Scottish tradition. A two-handled love cup, when full it is offered to each other showing their love, trust blending of two families